Chalkboard Debacle

The Nester did a post on creating the perfect focal wall and in the center she has a framed chalkboard. I love it!

At the conference a while back we were given a sample size of Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan. We took the class that featured the paint and found it interesting (and expensive). It was very neat to see all of the different colors and learn that it takes almost zero prep time and you can paint any surface with it; metal, plastic, glass, brass, wood, the list goes on… You must then seal it with the recommended wax. I was told, though that simply painting a surface with 3-4 coats and NOT putting wax on it afterwards would leave a chalkboard finish. I decided to go for it.

I got a lovely grey green color called Chateau Grey. I had a picture frame I no longer loved and decided to paint the glass frame (you can paint anything!).

I used a regular brush, the brush I was told to use, unless of course I bought their $30 brush that was amazing and patented by Annie Sloan herself. I let each coat dry completely and then let it cure for more than 24 hours.

The result was a bumpy, cracked, ugly mess of a chalkboard. I rubbed it down with chalk to see if it improved and it did not. It was much harder than a regular chalkboard (we have one, so I could tell) and did that annoying, squeaky thing when you wrote on it. I have to say, I did not enjoy working with the chalk paint. I have used a lot of latex paint and I would probably just use that even with having to prep a surface ahead of time. The chalk paint itself is thick and didn’t seem to me like it would stretch as far as we were lead to believe. The only positives I could find was it didn’t have a bad smell and I could wipe it off if it got where it wasn’t supposed to in a timely manner. I’m probably the only blogger who isn’t raving about chalk paint, but to each their own.

While I was at Michael’s picking up spray adhesive I grabbed a bottle of Martha Stewart’s chalkboard paint. I decided to flip the glass over and try again.

I used a small sponge brush this time around since this paint is water-based acrylic, hoping for a smoother finish.

The result was much better than the chalk paint, but not by much. This “yay!” may have been a bit premature. I don’t love my chalkboard and I took it down almost as soon as I put it up. The black on black is just too much and I don’t love the finish of the chalkboard paint enough to paint the frame. If I tried again…and I seriously doubt I will, I will use a spray paint instead, because people seem to have a much better result from using it.

Chalk this one up to a debacle and let’s move on, shall we?

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